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Russian Anthropological Film Festival
27 September 2008
Awards of 6th RAFF
26th of September were the Closing and Awards ceremony
15 September 2008
Opening ceremony will be at 21 of September, 8:00 p.m.
25 August 2008
The Jury

Awards of 6th RAFF

27 September 2008

Awards of 6th RAFF


The main prizes

Grand-prix: Prisoners of White God (by Steve Lichtag, 52`, Czech Republic)  

The best director: Welcome to Enurmino! (by Aleksei Vakhrushev, 60`, Russia)

The best anthropologist: Nedarma-Travelling (by Anastasia Lapsui & Markky Lehmuskallio, 78`, Finland)

Audience award and special award For originally view of Russian periphery: Phantom of Europe (by Igor Morozov, 27`, Russia)

Special award For the most humane film: Ursdon: Territory of Loneliness (by Masha Kozlova, 21`, Russia)   

Prize of Government of Yamal-Nenets autonomous region: Komi a Journey across the Arctic (by Andreas Voigt, 52`, Germany-France)



For showing of benevolent intercommunion of little people of the world:  Shahtarnberdyr (by Oleg Viszhachiy, 27`, Russia)  

For worry about the future of Russia: No Borders (by Nastya Tarasova, 30`, Russia) 

For showing of seeking the ways for future: Runaway from the City (by Anna Shulga, 26`, Russia)

For phenomenon of culture, that broke any borders: Argentine Tango (by Ella Korolenko, 39`, Russia)

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