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15 March 2010
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7th Open Russian Anthropological Film Festival
28 December 2009
7th RAFF on the 6th International Film Festival DokMa in Slovenia
26 October 2009
Ethnofilms and ethnobooks!
Now you can buy documentaries and books by Ethnographic Bureau Studio

Ethnofilms and ethnobooks!

26 October 2009


You can buy now the documentary films by Andrei Golovnev and Ivan Golovnev!

Directed by Andrei Golovnev
Road of Tatva (Russia, 1992, 28`) 
Yamal Gods (Russia, 1992, 25`)
Legend of Sikhirtia (Russia, 1993, 17`)
Devil`s Lake (Russia, 1994, 24`)
Khadampae (Russia, 1994, 24`)
On the Other Shore (Russia, 1995, 22`)
Way to the Sacred Place (Russia, 1997, 47`)  available with English subs!
Pegtymel (Russia, 2000, 32`)  available with English subs!
Post-Horse (Russia, 2008, 36`)  available with English subs!

Directed by Ivan Golovnev
Tiny Katerina (Russia, 2004, 24`)  available with English subs!
Old Man Peter (Russia, 2008, 26`)  available with English subs!

 The costs of all films - just 15 €!

Also we have (and you can buy!) some books in ethnography, anthropology, ethnology - by Andrei Golovnev and Elena Perevalova

Written by Andrei Golovnev
Anthropology of Movement (Antiquities of the North Eurasia) 25€  on Russian!
Nomads of Tundra: Nenets and their folklore 20€  on Russian! 
Talking cultures: Samoyed and Ugrian Traditions 15€  on Russian! 

Written by Elena Perevalova
Northern Khants: Ethnic History  20€ on Russian!  

 If you want to buy some films or books, please, send us letter to ethnobs@mail.ru or info@rfaf.ru or call on phone +7 (343) 3629096, +7 9502017911 (you should tell your post adress and full name, and when we send you the products)

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