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15 March 2010
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7th Open Russian Anthropological Film Festival
28 December 2009
7th RAFF on the 6th International Film Festival DokMa in Slovenia
26 October 2009
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28 December 2009

7th RAFF on the 6th International Film Festival DokMa in Slovenia

During 2-7 of November, 2009 the retrospective of 6th Russian Anthropological Film Festival was hold — on the 6th International Film Festival DokMa in Slovenia, Maribor. Launched in 2004, DokMa is an annual documentary film festival that aims to present and promote a documentary film genre. The Festival endeavors to foster international and inter-regional networking, offering workshops and lectures by invited documentary film makers and other guests. The Festival is organized by the Association for Transformation of Social Communication (PIFF). It also tries to open up suitable spaces for the screenings in the city of Maribor. In 2009 screenings took place at «Kino Udarnik» and «Kino Partisan», the old cinema hall in the city center, which was closed some time ago, while additional ones, special events and after-show parties take place at «Partizan» Hall, «Gustav», «Pekarna». DokMa Radio is broadcast live from the festival's main venue «Kino Udarnik». The Dokma radio crew prepare interviews with participating authors, guests, visitors and jury members.

The RAFF program consisted of:

Baron and his wife are the oldest dwellers of the Gypsy-kelderars` camp. While recalling their nomadic past they grieve about disappearing traditions of their people.
DVcam, 16:9, 22`, 2007, Russia
Director Nadejda Popova
Camera Julia Galochkina
Producer Efim Reznikov
Film Studio “Granat”

For almost 200 years, “The Small Europe” has been standing on Russian soil at the foothills of the Ural Mountains. It includes Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Varna and other villages.
What are you, “Russian Europe”?
27’, 2007, Russia
Director, Camera, Anthropologist, Producer Igor Morozov

DVcam, 2008, 36`, Russia
Author & Producer Andrei Golovnev
Ethnographic Bureau Studio
Seven-year old Lekha lives in a remote Russian Pomor village on the Onega Coast of White Sea. He learns a thing or two, accompanies his parents in driving a post-horse and rhymes songs about his tough life.

Russia, documentary, 25 min, 2008, DvCam/Pal
Directed by Ivan Golovnev
Produced by Ethnographic Bureau Studio
The dialogue between people, nature and gods is based upon a sacred knowledge and mythology. In the modern world only a few cultures based on myth survive. This film takes us into the word of old man Peter Sengepov, the last surviving Shaman of the Kazym River, who lives alone in the depths of the Siberian taiga.

Coordinator of RAFF, Dina Fedorova, presented this program in Slovenia.

Additional information about DokMa here


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