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6 July 2015
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20 June 2015
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22 May 2015
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9th RFAF Competition (short-list)

Second Student Anthropological Film Festival «KinoAnthrop»

21 November 2012

Second Student Anthropological Film Festival «KinoAnthrop»

will take place on the April 15-20, 2013 in Ekaterinburg at the premises of UrFU (Ural Federal University) and Cinema House

Anthropological films are the films about peoples and cultures, religions and rituals, friends and enemies; about the meaning of ‘I’ and ‘we’; about the national character and the cultural heritage. This is the cinematographic study of Man in his awareness of himself. The anthropological film is the combination of the magic of cinematographic expression and the scientific knowledge.

·         KinoAnthrop is the festival for students interested in anthropological film-making.

·         KinoAnthrop is the younger brother of RAFF (Russian Anthropological Film Festival).

·         KinoAnthrop is an open, i.e. international, film festival where students from all countries present their films.

·         KinoAnthrop is the festival of youth, it is organized by students of the Ural Federal University.

The program of the festival will include the documentaries (competitive program) short films on anthropological themes by both Russian and foreign authors made in 2010-2013. The length of a film is limited up to 13 minutes. Number of films submitted by one applicant is unlimited.

Kinoanthrop will take place back to back with RAFF. The main idea is to make a bridge between senior professionals and young amateurs, future professionals. Participants of the professional competition will evaluate the student works; and participants of the student competition will join discussions on professional works. The Festival as Cinema School includes also master classes and excursions.

The decisions on the Festival Awards will be made by a professional jury, the sponsors and the audience of the festival.

Entry_ form_2013 download

The deadline for the submission of applications for participation in the anthropological films competition is March 1, 2013.

We invite everybody willing to participate in the creative agenda or act as sponsors of the festival to contact us at the KinoAnthrop Organizing Committee:

35/а-47, Gagarin Str., Ekaterinburg, 620062

е-mail: ethno.kino@mail.ru, web site: www.rfaf.ru, ethnobs.ru/en/other/305/


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