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26 January 2011
Ethnofilms and ethnobooks! Now you can buy documentaries and books by Ethnographic Bureau Studio
16 September 2010
New Regulations! The 7th RAFF will be held in Ekaterinburg, Ural on April 2011
15 September 2010
2011 Selection starts New vision of 7th Russian Anthropological Film Festival
28 December 2009
Retrospective 7th RAFF on the 6th International Film Festival DokMa in Slovenia
27 September 2008
Awards of 6th RAFF 26th of September were the Closing and Awards ceremony
15 September 2008
Program Opening ceremony will be at 21 of September, 8:00 p.m.
25 August 2008
The Jury Changes
15 August 2008
Results of Selection List of the films that was selected for the Competition
16 July 2008
Programs of the 6th RAFF We are forming preliminary noncompetition and informative programs now
16 July 2008
Jury The Jury of 6th Open Russian Anthropological Film Festival are forming now
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