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Russian Anthropological Film Festival
6 July 2015
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20 June 2015
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22 May 2015
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Salekhard, September 14-20 

There were 26 films selected for competition on the 5th RAFF; those included works by alive classics of documentaries (Anatoly Baluev, Vladimir Gerchikov, Arkady Morozov, Alexei Pogrebnoi, Marina Razbezhkina, Valery Solomin, Mairam Yusupova) and audacious pictures by young film directors. Together they have created impressive panorama of anthropological cinema and current dialogue of Russian cultures. Though classic style prevailed in general, the Jury led by film director Karen Gevorkyan gave the Grand Prix to new film YaptikHaesse by Edgar Bartenev; this movie has set to the whole festival an ambience of film-music and ethno-art. Another source of special 5th RAFFs atmosphere was Alexei Fedorchenko's feature Shosho; this film opened the festival and gave ground to endless debates about eternal youth of old mythology, anthropological film-truth and directors right for ethnic humor. A series of films (Ivan Golovnevs Crossroads, Rodion Antakovs Father Sen-Sei, Vladimir Golovnevs The Boat Goes and the Bank Stays by) shone up an anxious theme of todays religion-building. All in all the 5th RAFF became an experimental platform for searching new film-forms, for expression not only nostalgia about leaving cultural values, but also for co-participation in todays cultural activity and identification.

Northern Travelling Film Festival that was held in parallel to RAFF has presented the program of the Russian and foreign various genre films about the North under the main title Arctic Panorama (Film-faces of the Arctic Eight). It coincided that in autumn 2006 Salekhard has acted as a residence not only for anthropological films, but also for the Arctic Council, and some diplomats of northern countries became active and emotional participants of the festival. Arctic panorama represented the masterpieces of modern features of Iceland (the nominee on Oscar-2005 The Last Farm by Runar Runarsson), Sweden (As in the Heaven by Cay Pollak), Finland (Elina by Klaus Haro); in programme there were also Peter Raymont's outstanding documentary Arctic Dreamer. The Lonely Quest of Viljhalmur Stefansson (Canada), Armwrestler from Solitude by Lisa Mounte and Helen Alson (Sweden), witty Russian animation including About Crawfishes by Valentine Olshvang (Yekaterinburg) and How Nyanchedo Myniku Taught Man to Fly by Ivan Eliseev (Yekaterinburg) and Mikhail Korobov (Salekhard).

Within the united festival Salekhard-2006 was a room for international round-table Northward of 60th Parallel: Models of Social, Economic and Cultural Development in Canada and Russia. Every night The Club of Night Anthropologist boiled with passions and ideas; under its aegis some old and new films by Sergei Litovets, Edgar Bartenev and other directors have been screened; Mikhail Gorshkov, Vladimir Klyaus and Yuri Sheikin have presented the program Russias Folk Music Traditions in Ethnographic Film with fragments of films, animations, live sound in the mode of dialogues of musical instruments of various peoples.



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