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Russian Anthropological Film Festival
6 July 2015
The results of the competition 2015 is announced
20 June 2015
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22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)

Orientation Organizers and Jury Anthropological film competition International Seminar Awards


Betacam-SP, 30`
Russia, 1996-2002, FSS
Director, screenplay, producer R. Ernazarova
Director of photography S. Chavchavadze, D. Gabbasov
Edited by R. Ernazarova, E. Nikolaev
Sound director A. Karpenko
(3832) 464612, 220669
In 1992 near Amur river the film about a bear who was held in a cell for a Bear Day performance was made. Old Ulcha, shaman Michael Duvan, cried telling about bears destiny. Shaman withdrawn his participation from this ceremony. Film tells how shaman treated the people who have broken ancient interdictions.


Russia, 2002
Director and Screenplay Anatoly Baluev
Director of photography A. Bystrov
Edited by V. Sandakova
Sound director V. Korshunov
(3432) 601600, 298156


The Hero of this film Andrei Gagarin lives in Nizhni

Tagil. He has decided to go home to Komi-Permyatsk

village Bol`shaya Kocha. Some time ago there

was a ceremony Bykoboy (Bull Killing) that

combined both paganism and Christianity





Betacam-SP, 35`
Russia, 2001
Public TV and Radio company Chuvashia
Screenplay E. Yagafova
Director L. Trifonov
Director of photography V. Trifonov
Music by A. Osipov
Edited by A. Konyukhov
Sound director V. Neverov
Producer A. Osipov
(8462) 333527

Non-christian Chuvashs, with their true Chuvash faith, live near to Chuvashs-Christians. Authors of film try to understand philosophical bases of the Chuvash religion, a cult practice. What are in the bottom of the Chuvash vital force, what is waiting for it thats a central problem of film.







The Special Award of the 3rd RAFF Jury
Russia, 2001
Producer management of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio
Director and Screenplay A. Fedorchenko
+7(3432) 551488
Film tells about dramatic fate of the person in XX century.











The Special Award of the 3rd RAFF Jury
Russia, 2001
Film Studio OLS

Director and Screenplay T. Magadan (Ilyina)
Director of photography I. Gudkov
Edited by I. Panina  

Sound director V. Moss
Producer V. Morozov, G. Gorodnichiy
+7(095) 2094039, 2994247
How to keep itself, dignify, own profession, family and the native land in the criminal world of the Russian capitalism? Builders of Moscow rightless immigrants from the CIS countries sacrifice the ram to hope against hope for a wonder life and the grace of God.


DV, 23`
Russia, 2002
Visual Anthropology Center of the Moscow State University
named after M.V. Lomonosov
Directed and edited by L. Filimonov
Director of photography L. Filimonov and N. Litvina
Producer E. Aleksandrov
(495) 9394441

One day from a life of small village on Altai.









The Special Award of the 3rd RAFF Jury and Coordinate Soviet of the Northern Traveling Film Festival
Audience award
Russia, 2000
Public TV and Radio Company Udmurtia
Author E. Popova
Director L. Vakhitov
Director of photography I. Vorobiev
Music and sound by Y. Schklyaev

+7 (3412) 75 8911, 213577

Granny Anya lives in the forgotten by people and God Chuvash village in the south of Udmurtia. In the beginning of XX century after Stolypin`s reforms his parents together with other families have moved here from Cheboksarsk district. Several years ago granny Anya has left this civil world and has build near to the parental house small cell. Film is based on the thinking of granny Anya herself about the civil world, sanctity and sinfulness, on the stories of her closers and home-folks about her and her way of life.



Betacam-SP, 30`
England-Russia, 2001, Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology
Director, screenplay, director of photography A. Bernstein
Edited by A. Bernstein
Scientific adviser the professor P. Henle
Music by V. Dokobras, M. Zhund
Sound director P. Gibson-Hots
(1703) 2718243 




Join Me In Shambhala. Soviet authorities always stands behind Buddhism`s back, but now this religion revives in Buryatia. At the Buryats`s request and after long searches Dalai Lama finds the famous Tibetan teacher Ate Rinpoche, who agree to made move to Buryatia from the Southern India.




Betacam-SP, 43`
Russia, 2002
Director, screenplay V. Orekhov
Directors of photography S. Starikov, V. Duplich
Edited and sound directed by A. Lepigov
Producer B. Czarev
(495) 5197312
Wonder master Nikolay Ivanovich Ivanov was doing 18-year term, but the former convict still think that love is the main in our life.









Betacam-SP, 26`

Russia, 2002, Studio Shar (Sphere)
Director and

screenplay I. Margolin

Scientific adviser D. Tumarkin
Music by Lunyakov
Edited by V. Maslakovich
Director of photography V. Ryabin
Sound directors

E. Kostrova, M. Guralnik

Produced by A. Gerasimov

(095) 255-96-84

The philisophy-poetical film tells about the difficult, wonderful and bitter destiny of the famous Russian traveler Miklukho-Maklay. 



35 mm , 20`
Russia 2002, Kazan Studio of cinema chronicles
Director A. Shipulin

S. Serova, A.Shipulin
Director of photography M. Evdokimov
Music by E. Khustnutdiniva
Edited by I.Kryuchkova, A. Shipulin
Sound director V. Korablev
Producer M. Mikhailov

(095) 1214514
(902) 6510103
Confuciy told that it does not belong to live in the period of changes. Poet Alexander Kushner wrote: You do not choose times; you just live and die while. The period of the changes that have come to our country has made changes to a life of everyone. Heroines of film, the daughter and mother, are not exception from the rule.


The Special Award of the 3rd RAFF Jury

Russia , 2001
TU Pervoe Kino (First Film)
Director E. Grigoriev
Screenplay and producers A. Anisimov,

E. Grigoriev

Director of photography A. Anisimov
Sound director S. Sidelnikov
Musical score group Spleen

Edited by A. Denisenko
+7(926) 2032949
Lekha is the young peasant. Online is operating mode in network Internet when users communicate with each other in the realtime environment.


Betacam-SP, 52`

Russia, 2002 Radonezh, Studio Point of view
Director, screenplay M. Yusupova

Director of photography Z. Israilov, G. Dzalaev, E. Kokusev, M. Levenberg
Music by D. Nazarov

Edited by E. Mescherskaya

(095) 2590975
Mardikor is translated from Tadjik into Russian as workhands. Thousand people go from Tajikistan to Russia for job. The film tells about two young guys-mardikors.


 Betacam-SP, 32`
 Russia, 1997, TV and Radio Company Pomor`e
 Director, screenplay O. Baraev
 Director of photography G. Grigor`ev
 Music by O. Kuznetsov
 Edited by L. Kalitina, O. Baraev
 Sound director E. Chernobel`skaya

 (8182) 207837, 642111

Community Yamb-to is translated as Long Lake. Where this Longw Lake is anybody does not know, but legends, stories and traditions are kept in a community inviolate. The chief of community 26-years old Ilya Valei was elected by a solid vote.
He is a progressive guy and he introduces persistently a new economic attitudes and Christianity. And in economy everything is all right, but the religion takes root hardly, because Nenets till now trust in the spirits and worship idols and sacred deers?


S-VHS, 27`

Russia , 2001
Author M. Matlin
(8422) 382431
This is a film-research of one of the most interesting phenomena of modern children's subculture callings and terrible histories that take a great and important role in the children spiritual life.


35 mm , 30`

Russia , 2001, Film Studio OLS
Director D. Zavilgelsky

Screenplay D. Zavilgelsky, M. Saprykina
Director of photography A. Vdovin
Music by E. Kadimsky
Sound director E. Kadimsky

Edited by Z. Chepelkina

Producers V. Morozov, G. Gorodny

(095) 4266649
(902) 6821832

Two worlds exist in parallel - the cosmodrome Plesetsk and small village Pogorelets tucked among the woods. They clash on the edge of life.


S-VHS, 18`

Russia, 2001, Ethnographic Bureau

Director, screenplay and director of photography
Ivan Golovnev
Music by Versk group

Edited by Y. Jatsenko

Producer A. Golovnev

(343) 3 744156

The film is about the testing by faith, about religious dream and faith-cure of Rukia, who lives in

Siberia, in the Tatar village.


Betacam-SP, 26`

Russia, 2001
Director, screenplay E. Solomin
Edited by

E. Solomin
Director of photography v. Lapin
Sound director A. Popov
Producer K. Pavlov
(3832) 114664, 297452

Western Siberia. A convict colony. The Igor Ibragimovich
who has received a 12 years sentence got a beam of hope
for the discharge


The Special Award of the 3rd RAFF Jury
Russia, 2000
Film Studio Ethnos
Director E. Korolenko
Scientific adviser O. Fishman
Screenplay M. Zasetskaya
Director of photography V. Petukhov
Edited by V. Shimov

Sound directors A. Alikov, S. Akmanova
Producer N. Serebryakova

+7(812) 3564311
Film tells about a life and destiny of the orthodox people Setu living on the Pskov lands.


S-VHS, 24`
Russia, 2002, State republican Center of the Russian folklore
Director, screenplay, director of photography M. Gorshkov
Edited by S. Demichev
(095) 2469978

The film is devoted to a musical instrument of Zapadnaya Dvina shepherds - to an aldern horn. It was widespread in these lands before, but now its very difficult to meet it.



The Special Award of the 3rd RAFF Jury
RussiaFinland, 2002

Giron Filmi
Directors and Anastasia Lapsui and Markku Lehmuskallio
Director of photography and producer M. Lehmuskallio
Sound director A. Lapsui, A.Yokisu
Sound engineer A. Honkanen
+7(3589) 6854429, (34922) 46544
The empty ground grieves me
The empty ground has broken my heart
Three high capes with insult look at me
The Film is about family of nomad Nyubitya Yaptik from peninsula Yamal and about great mission of the woman of tundra, keeper of homefire...


 DVCAM, 26`
 Russia, 2002, the Highest Courses of Film Writers and Directors in Moscow
 Author S. Minenok

 Scientific adviser candidate of philosophy E. Minenok
 Music by M.P. Musorgsky, I.F. Stravinsky
 Sound director E.Kadimsky
 (095) 9526583

Movement from the past to the future does not stop. The country, its flags and hymns change. Hundreds generations have crumbled to dust, but the need of unifying for worship has not disappeared and people keep on ceremonies.
This day better and worse meet, you may do anything that cannot do before Because its the Whit Monday.

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