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6 July 2015
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6th Open Russian Anthropological
Film Festival
21-27 of September, 2008


Administration of Yamal-Nenets autonomous region
Culture, Arts and Cinematography Department of Yamal-Nenets autonomous region
Ethnographic Bureau.

Festival is conducted
Guild of Documentary Films and Television
Institute of the World Literature named after A.M. Gorky of the Russian Academy of Science
Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology named after N.N. Miklukho-Maklay of the Russian
Museum of Cinema with the personal participation of Naum Kleyman
National association of audio and visual archives
Northern Research Forum (NRF)
Union of Cinematographers of Russia
Federal agency of culture and cinematography of the Russian Federation

1. Russian Anthropological Film Festival is biennale competitive film festival taking part in Salekhard (Yamal Peninsula, Northern Russia). RAFF focuses on man in culture and culture in man. Its formula art+science unites filmmakers and researchers expressing by film-language the peculiarity and diversity of the cultural values, it’s important link between documentary film makers and anthropologists of Russia and all worlds on the whole.

2. The film-anthropology does not avoid actuality, but we discharge the depressive negativism and focuses attention to an aesthetics and semantics of cultural space in which the dramatic art of personal destinations shows. Films and videos of high value and quality, recording human activities in social, historical or ecological context are accepted for competition screenings. Films of high level of creativity, a rigorous scientific content or of new forms of audiovisual expression will be preferred. The propagandizing cultural and a racial discrimination films that exchange abuse and cause divisions between people, nations, neighbors are not supposed for the festival.

3. Programme of 6th:
Anthropological film competition
Demonstrative program of Northern Travelling Film Festival
Round table “Anthropological cinema of Russia”
Night Anthropologist Club

4. Russian and foreign authors can send to festival their films made by not earlier than 2006 with 35 mm, 16 mm cinemafilm positive prints and videofilm HD, HDV, Betacam (Digital, SP), DV, DVCAM. Free duration of films.

5. For preliminary competitive selection you should send film copy (DVD or VHS) and entry form (filled by author) to administrations of the festival. Address: 620078, Russia, Ekaterinburg, Gagarin Street, 35/a – 47, Ethnographic Bureau. Tel. +7 (343)3629096, +79502017911. Also entry form you should send to e-mail: info@rfaf.ru, salekhard2008@mail.ru or fill and send online from the site www.rfaf.ru.
Dead line for entries – JULY, 1, 2008 (latest post stamp).

6. Officialese of the festival – Russian language. If it would be nessesary, organizers will be able to provide festival by Russian-english translation. You should other’s language films represent with subtitles on Russian or English.

7. 6th RAFF`s Awards ( 300 000 rubles fond)
Best Director`s work
Best Anthropologist`s work
Audience Award
Special Jury and Sponsors Awards

8. The program of Northern Travelling Film Festival includes fiction, animate and documentary anthropological films about the North, made in different years by Russian and foreign film directors.

9. Managers of 6th RAFF are in charge of the film selection for the competitive program, for formation of competent jury and invitation of festival participants. The festival doesn’t   return preview VHS cassettes or DVD-discs of selected films.

10. The festival doesn’t   return preview VHS cassettes or DVD-discs of selected films. These videocassettes and DVDs will stay in the library of the festival located Ethnographic Bureau Ekaterinburg for educational use only or non-commercial exhibition within NTFF programme.

11. Festival is able to cover travel expenses (air passage Moscow-Salekhard-Moscow) and also will provide invited participants with all day-long-stays in hotel.

Additional info see on: /eng/raff/153

Warning! We always answer your entry forms by short letter!
President of the festival
Andrei Golovnev


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