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Russian Anthropological Film Festival
6 July 2015
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20 June 2015
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22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)

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Kahren Gevorkyan

Chief of Jury.

Mr. Kahren Gevorkyan is a well-known for his works in many areas (i.e. cinema and TV productions, photography and essays).

Kahren Gevorkyan was born in 1941 in Armenia.  In 1962 he graduated from the all-Union State Institute of Cinematography as a cameraman.

In 1962 he entered the Higher Courses of Producers at the Union of Cinematographers in Moscow.  Upon graduation Kahren Gevorkyan worked as a director at Armenfilm studio during the period of 1970-80.

His film Parting beyond the Boundary was prohibited in 1980, as in Russia it was considered anti-Soviet and in Armenia anti-Armenian.  At that time state authorities have put huge pressure on him and, in fact, have driven him out of Armenia.

From 1980 to 1985 he worked in Russia at Lentelefilm studio and later at Lenfilm.

In 1987 at the Ukrainian studio he made the film Skewbald Dog Running along the Seashore.  The film was was shot in the Far East, in the severe climate of the Sakhalin Island along the lines of the novel by the Kirgiz writer Chingiz Aytmatov.  It is devoted to the life of the Northern Sakhalin native population nivkhs - their traditions, thoughts and special ways of communicating with nature.  They are a small nation of 4 000 people.  The film is in their language, forgotten and almost lost these days.  Discussion of mans place in the Nature goes back to old times when ethic laws coincided with the laws of Life.  The idea of harmony between man and the world lies behind the films creation.
The project War without Comments was based on the materials shot during the Karabakh war in 1993-1994.  

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