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21 September 2008

Alexei Pogrebnoi
Film Director, honoured worker of Arts of Russian Federation, National prize of Russian Federation laureate, Russian Academy Of Television member, member of  Eurasian Television Academy and Academy Of Cinematographic Arts “Nika”.
Selected filmography
1990–2006 — Leshka’s Meadow
2002 — Excuse Me For Living
2003 — Lucky Bargee
2004–2005 — Backyard
2005 — Two Lives Of Yasaburo Hatchia (Samurai’s Russian Love)
2006 — Village Photographer

Genrikh Ivanovich Sergeev from the Verchoshijemye village of Kirovskiy region is invalid since childhood. He says that he’s iron not only because he had to deal with “iron pieces” for all his life, but because it is only a strong person that can withstand severe trials which fell to his lot.
Others would spend their life all alone sitting in a wheelchair. But Genrikh Ivanovitch got a family, became jack-of-all-trades. Near him life seethes and different ideas appear that make the living brighter.
Betacam, 39`, 2006, Russia
Director Aleksei Pogrebnoi
Camera Vladislav Uslov
Anthropologist Olga Samsonova, Aleksei Pogrebnoi
Producer Aleksei Pogrebnoi
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