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9th RFAF. 2015
Ekaterinburg (Russia)
6 July 2015
The results of the competition 2015 is announced
20 June 2015
Program of the CAER and RFAF
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22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)
9th RFAF (2-5.07.2015) Program

The best anthropologist

Anastasiya Lapsuy and Markku Lekhmuskallio
Anastasiya Lapsuy was born in the north of Yamal peninsula, Russia. Finished Nidinskaya boarding school. After she had graduated from Salekhard National Teacher’s Training College in 1966, she has been working at The Yamal-Nenets tele-radio committee. During 1992 – 1997 she has been working in a magazine “Northern Expances” as a reporter in Scandinavia, Alaska, Yamal. She works with Markku Lekhmuskallio since 1991. The main theme of their creative work is original arctic culture of not numerous peoples of the North.
Markku Lekhmuskallio was born in 1938 in Rauma (Finland). He is the author of documentaries and feature films about the relationship between man and nature, about the history of culture of arctic peoples of Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Skandinavia and Russian North.
Selected filmography
1993 — In reindeer shape across the sky
1994 — Paradise lost
1995 — The farewell chronicles
1997 — Anna
1998 — Sacrifice
2000 — Seven songs from the Tundra
2001 — Shepard
2002 — Mothers of Life
2003 — A Bride of the Seven Heaven
2005 — Fata Morgana
2006 — The Sаmi

Film is about terrestrial and heavenly roads, about Nenets journeys during their life.  They say about themselves: “The Nenets are usually born on the road under the stars; during moonless winter nights guided by the stars they find the way home; the stars light up the way, when a soul of a nomad sets out on it’s last journey,  the longest one, to the other world.”
Digibeta, 78 min, 2007, Finland
Directors and Screenplay Anastasiya Lapsuy, Markku Lekhmuskallio
Camera Markku Lekhmuskallio
Giron Film Oy
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