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Russian Anthropological Film Festival
6 July 2015
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20 June 2015
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22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)

Organizers and Jury Film competition Arctic region TV-program competition Research projects Awards


The Award of the 2nd RAFF Jury for the best mirror of tragic people destiny
35 mm , 23`
Director Alexei Vakhrushev
Director of Photography Shandor Berkeshi
Scientific adviser M.A. Chlenov
Mfilm Studio, 1996, Moscow
Tel. (095) 346 7513
Tel. (095) 9713278

The dead Eskimo village Naukan has been founded on Dezhnev cape about 700 years ago and existed until cold war. This film is devoted to memory of Naukan and more than 60 native villages of Chukotka with the same fate, to destiny and hope of Naukan inhabitants which were only 57 by the moment of film making.



35 mm , 39`
Director Irina Zaitseva
Director of photography Svyatoslav Chaplinsky
Krasnoyarsk Film Studio, 1993, Krasnoyarsk
Tel. (3912) 21 8306
Tel. (3912) 25 2141
Young Canadian traveler Benua Havard does a stop in the lands between woods and tundra Tungusia, in family of nomad-reindeer breeder Vladimir Udygir. Two casually met persons represent, at first sight, two different worlds, but appear the spiritually close to each other.


Diploma of the 2nd RAFF
Betacam-SP, 52`
Director Dirk Duimon
Screenplay and producer Vitaly Fedko
Director of photography Roman Smirnov
Corona-film (St.-Petersburg) and BRTN (Belgium), 1997
Tel. 325 2210
Authors of the film make travel across Buryatiya, real and mystical at the same time; they follow the hero, Lama Danzan, the spiritual leader and a member of parliament of his mysterious country Tibet. Lama Donzan - a modern embodiment of the teacher Dalai Lama XIII Agvan Dorzhiev which has played the important role in struggle between Britain, China and Russia for domination in Tibet in the beginning of XX century. Today Lama Danzan does his best, overcoming natural and mystical obstacles, to put Magic Spokes, Suburgans, which, he and his adherents believe, will change life of their country.


Diploma of the 2nd RAFF
Video, 30`
Screenplay Alexei Peskov, Yuri Polovnikov
Director Alexei Peskov
Director of photography Sergey Baranov
Film Studio Vologda-film, 1999, VologdaMoscow
ancient Russian village in the north of Vologodsk region, it is known from XIV century. Today there are eight people only.



35 mm, 47`
Director Anatoly Baluev
Sverdlovsk film studio, 1998, Yekaterinburg
In the film two actions develop:
on the one hand the
rehearsals and stage performances
of children's choir Aurora
and on the other hand the lessons at children oral school.


The Special Award of the 2nd RAFF Jury
D8. 35`
Director Natalia Litvina
Director of photography Natalia Litvina, Oleg Chizhov
Scientific adviser Oleg Chizhov
Producer Eugenie Alexandrov
Visual Anthropology Centre of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov
2000, Moscow
Tel. (095) 939 4441
The dark blue well is situated on the border of the Gomel and Bryansk region. Inhabitants of neighboring villages venerate a sacred source; they believe in its salutary force and annually in the time of celebration of Transfiguration of God come to the Dark blue well for praying. In 1999 authors went to the Dark blue well with Khvischkova Alena Kondratievna, the inhabitant of the Belarus village Zalyad`e.


35 . 30`
Screenplay Olga Fishman
Director Ella Korolenko

Director of photography V. Petukhov
Film Studio Ethnos, Saint-Petersburg

Tel. (812) 271 3202

Tel. (812) 346 4311
Tel. (812) 592 9962
Film tells about ethnos the Karelians living in Russia, Leningrad region (Klimovsk district) more than 300 years and keeping up their language, religion, traditions.



The Award of the 2nd RAFF Jury for the best
accordance of film-language and chosen theme
35 mm, 50`
Author Vladimir Yarmoshenko
Sverdlovsk Film Studio, 1995, Yekaterinburg
Russian family is leaving Groznyy (Chechnya)

in the autumn 1994. In two months war broke out


35 mm , 30`
Screenplay Nadezhda Okorokova
Director Andrei Anchugov
Director of photography Sergey Lepikhin
Sverdlovsk Film Studio Hope, 1995, Yekaterinburg Two persons live in a wood the beekeeper and the forester. The beekeeper romanticist, the forester - the pragmatist, but nothing cramp their friendship.


Betacam-SP, 70`
Director Leonid Kruglov
Director of photography Nikita Khohlov
Scientific adviser S.I. Weinstein
2000, Moscow
Tel. (495) 125 3079
Some researchers within the project Dialogue with the whole world go on a route of the known Russian scientist, the researcher of Tuva shamanism S.I. Weinstein.


Betacom-SP, 30`
Director ElleI Ivanov
Director of photography Sergey Tayursky
Producer Anatoly Gogolev
Saha, Yakutsk
Tel. (4112) 25 3325
Tel. (4112) 25 3322
In autumn when the rivers freeze, all men of the Yakut village start the fishing karasa all together.


The Award of the 2nd RAFF Jury for the best showing of the typical mental features in the individual life of Hero
Betacam-SP, 26`
Director Alexei Shipulin
Isiemine & Shipulin prod., 1999, Moscow
Tel. 8 (902) 676 2894
It is sometimes sad, sometimes fun portrait of the provincial militiaman. A daily life of Russian country depths is background. Small town. All inhabitants are familiar between each other. He should execute literally the law, but it will be out of interests of a society, that is, out of interests of our hero. Because in fact he is bone of the bone and flesh of the flesh of that society in which he lives. In most cases the captain tries to act humanly. He understands that he is not angel himself. But other keepers of the laws couldnt fit here yet.


Betacam-SP, 18

Screenplay Natalia Bogacheva

Director Vyacheslav Aizatulin

Scientific adviser Olga Murashko

Producers Natalia Bogacheva, Sergey Churichev

Belyi Medved (Polar bear), 1999, Moscow

Tel. (495) 527 6734

Tel. (495) 292 6078

The film tells poetically about spiritual traditions of one of the native small people of Russia the Itelmens. Heroes of the film are inhabitants of the Kamchatka village Kovran where Itelmens live and where an autumn celebration of thanksgiving nature and self-perfecting Alkhalalalai take place for twelve years yet.


35 mm , 20`

Director Vladimir Gruzdev

Director of photography R.I. Anisimov, S.A. Menshikov

Sverdlovsk Film Studio, 1999, Yekaterinburg

Film tells about one of small peoples of our country Sel`kup, living in remote taiga areas in the north of the Tyumen and Krasnoyarsk regions. On these recess, far from track roads, places D.I. Mendeleev had worked out the center of a surface of the Russian State in the last century. Now there are only 1200 Sel`kups. Film tells about their daily life, morality, careful relation to nature.


Betàcam, 30`
Author Raisa Ernazarova
Novosibirsk University, 1995-1998, Novosibirsk
Tel. (3832) 46 1212
It is about shaman of Siberia from Raisa M. Ernazarova's researches of 1983-1997.


Diploma of the 2nd RAFF

Betacam-SP, 16`

Screenplay and director Oleg Baraev

Director of photography Gennady Grigoriev

Producer Yan Berlin

Public TV and Radio Company Pomor`e, 1998, Archangelsk

One day from a life of Nenets community Yamb-to (Long Lake) - unique community that for years of the Soviet authority have escaped from collectivization, that is, have kept traditional way of life.


The Award of the 2nd RAFF Jury for the authors tactfulness

35 mm , 30`

Screenplay and director Yuri Schiller

Director of photography Igor Tirsky

WestSiberian film studio, 1997, Novosibirsk

Tel. (383 2) 46 1212

Tel. (383 2) 22 0669

Village Konevo of Krasnoselsk district of Novosibirsk region. The boy of 12 years. He never left

native village yet. The anxious adult life is so far yet, but what is waiting for him there?..


Betacam-SP, 57`

Author Oleg Aliev

Scientific adviser Khorkhe Casanova Velaskes

Video Center of the Russian Agriculture Ministry,1999, Moscow

Tel. (495) 917 7972

The author of the film who has crossed all South America from Pacific Ocean up to Atlantic, tells about the Indians living in the Andes (kechua, aimara) and in jungle of Amazon (maioruna).



Betacam, 40`

Film by Andrei Golovnev

Ethnographic Bureau, Public Company Yamalinform

2000, Yekaterinburg (Russia)

Tel. (343) 3744156

This film tells about the summer life of a reindeer breeding Chukchee group on the Pegtymel River near the coast of the Chukchee Sea in the northeast Russia. The camera catches the vivid dialogue of ancient and cultural traditions, beliefs and rituals, humans and nature.


VHS, 42`

Director Vyacheslav Orekhov

Producer Boris Czarev

Education Development Fund Synergy, 1999, Moscow

Tel. (495) 275 2149

Tel. (495) 186 0187

The Moscow pupils spend a summer and winter vacation in village on Valdai area, near a headstream of Volga, and combine rest with scientific researches of this lands. They open for themselves Russian village, Russian history and the sacred places. They comprehend Russia and themselves in it.


Betacam-SP, 42`

Director Vladislav Mirzoyan
Screenplay and producer Nadezhda Okorokova
Director of photography Grigory Yablochnikov
Fund Nanuk, 1998, Perm
Tel. (3422) 90 5651
Tel. (495) 299 0582

The film was made in Udorsk district of Komi Republic. The audiovisual life formula of remote places where there is a stable balance between nature and human being, creativity and working, paganism and christianity, past and present...


Video, 26`

Director Yuri Polovnikov

Director of photography Sergey Baranov, Andrei Shilov

Film Studio Vologda-film, 1999, Vologda

Tel. (817 2) 72 4960

Tel. (8172) 736017

In small retired village the young guy lives who not only has learned to weave mats, but also has assembled old women, trying to recover a lost traditions.


35 mm , 30`

Screenplay and director Arcady Morozov

Director of photography V. Putintsev

Scientific adviser Y. Sem

Sverdlovsk film studio, 1990, Yekaterinburg

Tel. (343) 2 73 1649

The film is about native people of a lower Amur reaches the Ulches, about their ceremonies and legends, the long-ago and near future. The one-legged dwarf - the hero of the Ulches mythology, the mediate between the living and nether world.


Betocam-SP, 27`

Author Ekaterina Yagafova

Producer Alexander Osipov

Public TV and Radio Company Chuvashia, 1999, Samara

Tel. (8462) 33 3527

Tel. (8462) 33 2508


The film was made in the Chuvash settlements (the Chelno-Vershinsk district of the Samara region) in July, 1999 during annually spring-and-summer khorovod uyav. Preparation for a celebration in past and present times is shown; questions of the traditional Chuvashs culture keeping up are touched.


16 mm , 23`
Director Olga Yakimova
Director of photography T. Yakimov, V. Yakimov
Scientific advisers G. Vizgalov, O. Kardash
Nefteyugansk information TV agency
Tel. (346 12) 25 866
Tel. (346 12) 27 946

The East Khants believe that they get life from Anka Pugos. She gives children to women, apportions peoples the soul and looks after their health and well-being of family. Under Anka Pugos's aegis Khants Salyma and Yugana live.


The Award of the 2nd RAFF Jury for the perfect wedding of innovation and tradition in visual anthropology and documentaries
S-VHS, 40`
Author Leonid Filimonov
Producer Eugenie Alexandrov
Visual Anthropology Centre of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov
2000, Moscow
Tel. (095) 939 4441

This film is made from the video materials of the archaeographic expedition of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (July, 1999) to village Sepych of the Perm region. The heroine of the film Maria Savelevna Maltseva spins belts since ten years, picked up it by guess-work from mum. The belt its not only amulet usual for many cultures, but the major part of clothes of Old Believers, mark of their religion too. The belt should be hand weaved with woolen or cotton strings or weaved by topki, like in the film. To see, to catch the change of human nature and heart, because of living with canons of traditional culture, by the help of camera and to transfer this sensation to spectators that is main target of film makers.

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