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6 July 2015
The results of the competition 2015 is announced
20 June 2015
Program of the CAER and RFAF
The full program (films and presentations) is available (on the Russian and English)
22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)

1st INFORMATION LETTER REGULATIONS Entry Form for 8th RAFF THE JURY Competition of the 8th RFAF Competition of CinemAnthrop Programme Catalogue of VIII RFAF

Competition programme of student festival CinemAnthrop

1. Bronsky (26’, 2012, directed by Konstantin Selin, St. Petersburg, Russia)

 2. The Yayas de L’Elegance (27’, 2012, directed by Maria José Pavlovic (France), University of Manchester, UK)

 3. Just around the corner (21’, 2012, directed by Vladimir Bulnygin, Novosibirsk, Russia)

 4. Herd… (15’, 2012, directed by Ilia Zheltyakov, St. Petersburg, Russia)

 5. Khalaburda (10’, 2012, directed by Igor Sudakov, Kiev, Ukraine)

 6. From Paris to Paris (21’, 2013, directed by Svetlana Belorussova, Ekaterinburg, Russia)

 7. Oksya baba (15’, 2012, directed by Nikita Anis’kin, Ekaterinburg, Russia)

 8. Abandoned (9’, 2012, directed by Evgeny Belov, Tumen, Russia)

 9. Life in miniature (10’, 2012, directed by Vladlena Sen’kova, Minsk, Belorussia)

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