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6 July 2015
The results of the competition 2015 is announced
20 June 2015
Program of the CAER and RFAF
The full program (films and presentations) is available (on the Russian and English)
22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)

Regulations Entry Form 1st Information Letter Competition Jury Programme of CAER and RFAF Programme of RFAF


9th Russian Festival of Anthropological Film (RFAF)

Ekaterinburg (Russia), July 2–5, 2015



9th Russian Festival of Anthropological Film is the international competitive festival of documentary anthropological films. The festival programs are formed of the documentary and other anthropological films, created by directors from Russia and other countries. RFAF focuses on man in culture and culture in man. Its formula art + science unites filmmakers and researchers expressing by film-language the peculiarity and diversity of the cultural values, it’s important link between film makers and anthropologists of Russia and worldwide.



Ethnographic Bureau



Institute of History and Archaeology (Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural branch)

Ural Federal University

Ethnographic Bureau

Government of Sverdlovsk region (Russia)



Plenipotentiary Representative of President of Russian Federation in the Ural Federal district

Administration of Ekaterinburg (Russia)

Russian Filmmakers Union (Sverdlovsk branch)

Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Northern Traveling Film Festival

Sverdlovsk Regional Fund of Films

The Center of Traditional folk culture of the Middle Ural


Main goals of the Festival

  • development of Russian and world cultural heritage, dialogue between people and cultures by cinema means, first of all the anthropological;
  • presentation and informative support of the authors and studios creating anthropological films;
  • integration of the Russian anthropological cinema into world cinematographic process.


Organizing Committee

The President and Organizing Committee define the status of the Festival in cultural and ethnopolitical context, develop the mechanism of realization of the Festival as project, supervise preparation and Festival carrying out, create the administrative and creative teams of the Festival.

The Festival Management will organize the preparation for the Festival: develops the concept and the documentation, conditions and criteria of participation; forms working divisions (the selection commission, jury, program director, coordinator, design group, publishing group, press and web support of the Festival website; organizes an advertising campaign, carries on negotiations with copyrights owners for the presentation of the films within the Festival events.

The Selection Commission of the festival selects the films by Russian and foreign authors for the competitive and inform programs.

The Jury of the anthropological films competition estimates films, awards prizes, hands over prizes within the festival award ceremony.


Participants of the Festival

·         film authors, directors, script writers, producers of the films included in the programs

·         cinematographers, critics, researchers-anthropologists, culturologists, ethnologists, designers, photographers, museum workers, journalists, distributors, film studio representatives, broadcasting companies and others


Festival prizes

  • grand prix
  • best filmdirector
  • best anthropologist
  • prizes of sponsors of the Festival



The documentaries created not earlier than 2012, made with a film (35 mm, 16 mm) and video film HDV, Betacam, DVCAM, DV (PAL) are available for the competition. In the selection a preference will be given to films of length up to 40 min. The films containing materials, offending human being or growing the xenophobia are not supposed to the Festival.

For the preselecting the film copy and the registration form filled with the author`s signature and the production studio`s press (if that is available) should be send to Festival Management on DVD.

The application package should be received by organizers not later than 1st of March, 2015 (deadline). We will inform you about the results of selection before 1st of May, 2015. So the application is consisted of: 1. filled registration form; 2. film copy on DVD.

The films which have been selected for the competition, should be sent to the organizers with one of the above-stated digital formats (DVCam is preferable) not later than 10th of June, 2015.


Please, mail your film copy with the signed entry form to the Direction at the following address:


Ethnographic Bureau (to 9th RFAF)

Russia, 620078, Ekaterinburg, Mira Street, 34–60 (to RFAF)


For electronic submission please mail your entry form to: ethnobs@mail.ru (copy, with mark “9th RFAF — entry form”).


Festival archive


The holder of the copyright authorizes the RFAF Organizing committee to make available the whole film(s) to the TV of Ural region, also within the RFAF`s events before, during and after the Festival.

The holder of the copyright authorizes the film DVD copy held in the Festival's archive to be screened in noncommercial programs of the Northern Traveling Film Festival, retrospectives of RFAF.

The holder of the copyright authorizes the RFAF Organizing committee to make available an excerpt of the film up 3 minutes to RFAF web-site and up to 4 minutes to TV-programs about the Festival, promo, visuals about the Festival for the popularization of the Festival.

THE ENTRY OF A FILM IMPLIES ACCEPTANCE OF THE 9th RFAF'S REGULATIONS. By signing this Entry Form I declare that the information I have provided is accurate.


The additional information can be tracked with the Festival`s website: www.rfaf.ru/eng



President of the Festival, professor, film director                              Andrei Golovnev

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