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6 July 2015
The results of the competition 2015 is announced
20 June 2015
Program of the CAER and RFAF
The full program (films and presentations) is available (on the Russian and English)
22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)

Regulations Entry Form 1st Information Letter Competition Jury Programme of CAER and RFAF Programme of RFAF


Kirill Razlogov (The chairman of jury 9th RFAF)

The film expert, culture expert. Was born in Moscow in 1946 in the family of the diplomats. In 1969 graduated from the History department of MSU.

From 1972 teaches history of world cinematography at the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors, from 1988 — at the history of cinema department of VGIK. In 1985 defended a doctor's thesis in the history of art. Currently is program director of the Moscow International film festival, and the Moscow festival of American films “Amfest”, author and anchor of the “Cinema Cult” program on the television channel “Kultura”.

Manager of various publishing projects, film critic, author of 14 books and about 800 research papers on art and cinema history, various problems of culture. Professor of the history of cinematography department of the Russian S. A. Gerasimov State Institute of Cinematography. President of the Russian Guild of Film Critics (from March 2015).


Aleksey Fedorchenko

Feature and documentary films director, film producer. Was born in Sol-Iletsk, in the Orenburg region. Since childhood has been living in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg). Studied engineering and economics at the Ural State Polytechnic Institute (1988), and script writing at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (2000). In 1990–2005 — an economist, deputy director, producer, film director at the Sverdlovsk film studio, since 2005 — producer and director at the private film company “February 29”. In 2005 presented his film director's debut — a fiction film “The First on the Moon”. Award winner at various international film festivals. Award winner of various international film festivals. Member of the European Film Academy and jury member of the Venetian Film Festival. Selected filmography: documentaries — “David” (2002), “Children of the White Grave” (2003), “Australia” (2011), fiction — “The First on the Moon” (2004), “Shosho” (2005), “Railway” (2007), “Bunting (Silent Souls)” (2010), “Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari” (2012), “Angels of Revolution” (2014).



Pierre-Christian Broche

A publisher, TV presenter, modern art collector. Was born in 1960 in a family of researchers in Chatellerault, France. In 1979 joined Ecole des affaires de Paris (EAP today — ESCP-Europe) in Paris. In 1980 he became a student in Oxford University and at the same time worked in a famous publishing house Phaidon Press. In 1981—1982 he studied modern art in Dusseldorf, Germany and worked in the Berlin Center of Modern Art “Kunstlerhaus Bethanien”. In the same year he got a PhD and an MBA degree in economics. Has been actively involved in publishing from 1980s. From 1991 — a CEO of “Avangard”publishing house in Moscow.

A publisher of numerous books on history of art and fashion. Publishes art albums and guidebooks of the Russian regions and many countries of the world under the brand name “Petit Futé”. From 2013 an anchor of the program “Russia, my love!” on “Kultura” television channel. A founder of the Russian club of modern art collectors.



Sergei Arutiunov

Ethnologist, social anthropologist, Doctor of History, corresponding member of RAS. Head of the Peoples of the Caucasus ethnography sector of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS. Was born in Tbilisi in 1932. Studied Japanese language and culture in the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies. In 1954 took a post graduate course at the Institute of Ethnography, where he has been a researcher for over fifty years. Huge field ethnography and archaeological material collected by him during his expeditions to Japan, Vietnam, India and various regions of the Far North and Siberia, as well as the Caucasus served as the basis of a number of monographs. He is the author of over 490 publications, including 15 monographs, three of which in a supplemented and updated version have been published abroad (Poland, USA, Japan). At present he continues writing textbooks, studies problems of formational and civilizational approach to history, problems of globalization and parochialization of culture.


Drаgаnа Rаdojičić

Professor, a head of the Ethnographic Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. Born in Herceg Novi. Studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade at the Department of Ethnology (1984). Member of the Committee for ethnology of the Academy of Science and Arts of Monte Negro, of the Anthropological Society of Serbia and of the International Association for Southeast European Anthropology (ASEA). She researches ethnic processes, the development of cultural and communicational processes and contemporary societies, as well as the migration processes in the past. She often uses visual methods in her work. She is the author of several monographs, and four ethnological films.

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