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6 July 2015
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Andrei Golovnev

 Dr. Andrei Golovnev is a well-known Arctic anthropologist and filmmaker
and a leading expert on indigenous peoples and cultures of the Russian North.
He is a Senior Anthropologist at the Institute of History and Archeology in Ekaterinburg, Russia,
and founder and director of the Ethnographic Bureau, also headquartered in Ekaterinburg.
He has led numerous anthropological and archeological expeditions in the Russian North, particularly studying peoples who depend on large-scale reindeer herding.
E-mail: andrei_golovnev@bk.ru
Tel. 8 107 343 374 41 56

 Additional about author (in Russian)




1993. 17 min.
Film by Andrei Golovnev
Regional film festival “The blank pages of Siberian history” (Tyumen, 1994) — prizes for best camera and best sound
Nenets ledends tell about misterious people, Sihirtia, lived in tundra before nomad-Nenets came; the archeological finds in the West-Siberian tundra show remains of the pre-nomadic culture.












1992. 25 min.
Film by Andrei Golovnev
Forest Nenets man masters his habitat fishing, hunting, making trap, barn,
other thing.
Being blind, he is also manufacturing his road to nearest village, many kilometres rope of stripes of old canvas, torn fishing nets and pieces of wire.










1992. 25 min.
Film by Andrei Golovnev
Film festival dedicated to the year of indigenous peoples, Moscow, 1993 - 1st degree diploma
Andris Slapins Memorial Film Award (National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, USA), 1994
Film on tundra Nenets customs, beliefs, myths, traditional way of life.












1994. 24 min.
Film by Andrei Golovnev
Film shows Selkup people living in vicinity of Lozyl-to (Devil’s Lake) where greatest
gods, semi-human-semi-bear beings, deem to have their home.
People’s life is also kind of
semi-bear, since a human soul moves into a bear after death.











1994. 26 min.
Film by Andrei Golovnev
Winner of International festival-Biennale. Krasnoiarsk, 1995
olar Ural Nenets mythology depicts the Knadampae, a realm of the Goddess of the Ends
of the Mountains. Nenets famous writer, Anna Nerkagi, is a guide to this spiritual country.












1995. 26 min.
Film by Andrei Golovnev
Soviet military base on the left side of the Ob bay mouth seems to be hastily abandoned.
On the other shore, at arctic island, two Russian “Robinsons” are hunting wild reindeer, fishing,  keeping their own way of life, their own values and beliefs. 












1997. 47 min. (available in English)
Film by Andrei Golovnev
Regional film festival “The blank pages of Siberian history”, Tyumen, 1998 — 2nd prize.
I Russian Anthropological film festival, Salekhard 1998 — Grand Prix
Ethnologist-filmmaker follows the legendary path of the Yamal Khada, the Nenets Goddess of

the Ends of the Land, participating through discourse a series of events and rituals.The film showcases the lives, myths and rites of nomadic reindeer herders of northwestern Siberia.








2000. 32 min.(available in English)
Film by Andrei Golovnev
II Russian Anthropological film festival — Grand Prix
A film about the summer life of a reindeer breeding Chukchi group on the Pegtymel River near the coast of the Chukchi Sea in northeast Russia. The camera catches the vivid dialogue of ancient and cultural traditions, beliefs and rituals, humans and nature.












DVcam, 2008, 36`, Russia
Author Andrei Golovnev
Ethnographic Bureau Studio

31st Moscow International Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
19th International "Message To Man" Film Festival (St.-Petersburg)
6th Open Russian Anthropological Film Festival (Salekhard, Russia)
20th Open Documentary Film Festival “Russia” (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
9th International film Festival “Flahertiana” Audience Award (Perm, Russia)
1st International "Zolotoy Bytayz" Film Festival — Diploma (Lipetsk, Russia)
2nd Open Art Documentary Film Festival “Artdocfest” (Moscow, Russia), etc. 
Seven-year old Lekha lives in a remote Russian Pomor village on the Onega Coast of White Sea. He learns a thing or two, accompanies his parents in driving a post-horse and rhymes songs about his tough life.

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