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6 July 2015
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20 June 2015
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22 May 2015
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Nastia Tarasova

Born Sverdlovsk Region.
1996–2001 — studied at department of
journalism of the Ural state university
named after M. Gorky.
Since 2002 — participation in the
theatrical project "Theatre.doc"
2006 - Graduated from the Directors'
Faculty of the Film Institute VGIK (course of documentary film of Igor Gelein).

Fax: +7 926 212 07 32
tarastasya@mail.ru, shatlarina@yandex.ru 











Selected filmography:

MARCHING IN THE WAR, doc + fiction., 10 min, 35 mm, VGIK 2004
Screenplay: Elena Shirokovskih
Director: Nastia Tarasova
Camera: Alexei Makeev
Sound: Alexander Zakrgevskiy
Actor: Alexei Gavrilov
This is the history of the students - cinematographers, who left to film their diplomas on front …
Film festivals:
* Participation in Special film-displays at the Berlin Film Festival and at Festival "Message to man" 2005
* Special diploma of the second Film Festival "Won together" Sevastopol 2005

THE OLD DACHA, fiction, 35 mm, 10 min, VGIK 2005

Screenplay: Elena Shirokovskih
Director: Nastia Tarasova
Camera: Irina Shatalova
Director of art: Alexander Harin
Sound: Igor Skliarov
Managers: Pavel Odinin, Eugenie Shefskiy
Documentary fantasy.
A summer day in 1964, a dacha near Moscow, a playing child, adults who are about to go to the river. Through these pastoral images pierces the sound of a typewriter importunately: in this dacha a "samizdat" (self-publishing) typography is at work. In the evening when the next issue of the magazine is ready, a black car drives up to the house...
However, it is winter now, and near the deserted dacha a large cottage has been built, and on the desk of a well-known journalist the coffee is streaming and Christmas tree shines in the room...
Film festivals:
* Gran Prix ("the Golden Castle") at IX IFF "Off Cinema" in Poznan, Poland 2005
* Film-participant of the 8-th program "The Kodak European Showcase for New Talent" at 59-th IFF in Cannes 2006
* Diploma "For the original decision of a publicistic theme" at the V Open Film Festival "The Beginning", St.-Petersburg 2006
* Film-participant of 17-th Open Film Festival "Kinotavr", Sochi 2006
* Film-participant of the International program of debuts at 16-th IFF "Message to Man", St.-Petersburg 2006
* Film-participant of Festival "Window to the Europe", Vyborg 2006
* Film-participant of 48-th IFF "Zinebi" in Bilbao, Spain 2006
* Film-participant of 12-th IFF "Stalker", Moscow 2006
* Film-participant of 5-th International Student's Film Festival in Iran (ISFPF), Teheran 2006
* Film-participant of the program "Psycho-life" at VII Media-forum at 29-th Moscow IFF 2007

THE LIGHT OF WHITE SEA,  Documental dilogy, DV-cam, 55 min, GAMAUN 2005

Screenplay: Nastia Tarasova, Olga Stefanova, Konstantin Zakashanskii
Directors: Nastia Tarasova, Olga Stefanova
Cameras: Irina Shatalova, Haralds Wetsvagars
Music: Andrei Zelenskii
Manager: Inna Orkina
Producer: Igor Gelein
It was great love... His beloved woman was the lighthouse technician on the island Bolshoi Zhuzhmui in The White Sea.
When the love ended she escaped to the mainland. Aleksey waited for her for 11 years mastering the profession of lighthouse chief.
Not long ago he found out he would be fired. On the way to the mainland Aleksey decided to come to the island Romback to meet another lighthouse chief Arkady. During these 11 years Arkady has been talking to Aleksey only by radio. They have never seen each other…
Film festivals:
* The Prize of the 5th RAFF Jury for THE BEST CAMERA, Salekhard 2006
* Finalist of the premium "Laurels" in a nomination "The Best full-length film of year" Moscow 2006
* Film-participant of the program "Russian Flaertiana" at IFF "Flaertiana" Perm 2006 

CHILDREN OF GREAT LAKE,  doc., 26 min, DV-cam, Gamaun 2006

Screenplay: Elena Shirokovskih
Director: Nastia Tarasova
Camera: Irina Shatalova
Sound: Yaroslav Sapognikov
Producer: Igor Gelein
Northern Baikal. A place of former construction of BAM. Here, behind destiny of the lost generations, almost is not visible Beauty and Greatness of Huge Lake.
Only warning sound of the shaman’s drum reaches from mountains. But also it does not speak about the future well-being …
Film festivals:
* Diploma "For the image of destiny of the deceived generation" at XIII Open Festival on competition of the national premium "St. Anna", Moscow 2006
* Film-participant of 2-nd round of the national premium "Laurels" in a nomination "the Best short-footage film of year", Moscow 2006
* 3-rd Festival of valid cinema "Kinoteatr.doc", the program "Draft copies", Moscow 2007
* 2-nd international Social Film-forum "Time to live", St.-Petersburg 2007

NO BORDERS,  doc., 30 min, 35 mm, VGIK 2007

Screen and director: Nastia Tarasova
Camera: Irina Shatalova
Sound: Nelly Ivanova
Producer: Igor Gelein
A winter story of a frozen river opens four documentary stories that reflect the seasons in different forms of Russo-Chinese relations on the border. On the banks of the Amur, a symbol of passing life and history, lies the Chinese town of Heihe, which forms a free-trade zone with Russian Blagovechensk. This is where one of the most numerous Chinese communities live and it is regarded as Chinese immigrants’ gateway to Russia.
Film festivals:
* Diploma «For anxiety about the future of Russia» at the 6th RAFF, Salekhard 2008
* Participant in the 12th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic 2008
* Participant in the 13th IFF «Stalker», the program «Cinema on protecting the rights of refugees», Moscow 2007


FAITHFUL, doc., 27 min, HDV, Alkonost 2008

Screen and directing: Nastia Tarasova
Camera: Irina Shatalova
Sound: Nelly Ivanova
Producer: Igor Gelein
Sometimes, rules and traditions of generations are hindering private life of a person. But he reconciled to such destiny, remaining forever dedicated and faithful...
Film festivals:
* Participant of International Program at the 51st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film — «DOK Leipzig», Germany 2008
“Our songs were the only thing we had”, says an old woman when a television reporter asks her how one can preserve one’s own language and culture in a foreign country. In 1962, the Nekrasov Cossacks returned to the country of their ancestors as acclaimed new Soviet citizens, after more than 150 years of enforced exile in Turkey. They brought their faith and their religious practice which stems back to the times of Catherine II, and their traditions. That had given them something to hold on to, say the old woman gathered for evening gossip and songs under the wide canopy of a tree. Traditions like the enforced marriage which brought Elena and Ivan together four decades ago and to which they adhered without love – as custom demands. Everything is fate, the women under the tree say, even the fact that Soviet powers took their faith away from their children. And who’s to become priest now?
The images of this little story about the sense or nonsense of true faith and resignation to one’s fate shine as if dipped in autumnal gold, which is well suited to the old women and their songs, carried over the scraggly vineyards by the wind. Thin and fragile.
Dr. Grit Lemke
Author and film publicist
DOK Leipzig, Selection Commitee 2008



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