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Andrei Golovnev
President of Festival
Quite recently, in the past century, we argued priorities of arts and sciences in anthropological cinema. The reality over-argued us: at a moment not only ethnic and religious rituals, but also classic arts and sciences, look like traditions waiting for upgrade. Instead of page of book or face of screen, now we deal with multidimensional synthetic living space ample of communication, animation, attraction, and accompanying psycho- and physio-effects. New generation prefers to enter into a frame and to intervene into a scenario rather than just watch what is to be shown. Our Festival is experimental ground, interplay of traditions and innovations, arts and sciences, cultures and generations. Here is combination of film-shows, discussions, exhibitions, and atmosphere of self-observation. We do not only screen films, we film ourselves – by eyes and cameras of cinema-school students. If you catch a young film-eye on you, it means you are on proper time in proper place.
9th RFAF. 2015
Ekaterinburg (Russia)
6 July 2015
The results of the competition 2015 is announced
20 June 2015
Program of the CAER and RFAF
The full program (films and presentations) is available (on the Russian and English)
22 May 2015
Results of selection 2015
9th RFAF Competition (short-list)
9th RFAF (2-5.07.2015) Program

Programme of CAER and RFAF

Programme of CAER and RFAF (on Russian and English)

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